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Spare parts

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Guarantee N°1: Quality Components and Parts from Original Manufacturers

Modern blowing and injection machines incorporate many components and parts from specialized suppliers often called Original Components. HTG acquires original components and parts from the world leading suppliers, such as: Télémécanique, Celduc, Merlon Gerin, Bosch, Vickers, Philipps, Omron, Schneider Electrics, Festo , SMC, Hansaflex and makes them available to customers. All original components and parts that we offer comply fully with current European Union standards.

Guarantee N°2: Major savings on Original Components!

Electronic commerce allows businesses to realize important savings by eliminating layers of middlemen and bringing the end user closer to the manufacturer. HTG buys directly from either major wholesalers or directly from manufacturers with savings that we pass to our customers. This allows us to offer prices 20% to 30% lower compared to the price lists published by the producers of the machines. We guarantee that our prices are one of the lowest in the original components market.

Guarantee N°3: Secure Payment

We require prepayment before shipping original components to customers. Once the payment has been received we proceed with the dispatch or your order. Our customers may use different methods of payments:

* We accept direct payments by credit card (CB, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) via a specialized and secure system Merc@net that is an electronic commerce solution operated by BNP Paribas. Merc@net is a highly secure system as it uses "Secure Socket Layer” to encrypt your banking information. HTG or any other third party cannot access your banking data.

*You could also use you PayPal account in a total security and with very low transactions fees. *We also accept check payments. Please send us your check, made to HTG Industry Ltd, together with your purchase order. Please note that for purchases orders over €1,500 we accept only cashier’s checks.

Guarantee N°4: Delivery to meet your requirements

HTG offers different methods of shipping spare parts to meet your requirements and budget. We negotiate competitive rates with the leading international shipping companies such as UPS or TNT. In addition, we pay special attention to proper packaging: all orders are shipped in appropriate cartons, and parts are protected by special air bubble packing materials that are easy to fold and environment friendly. You will be notified by HTG by email when your order has shipped.

Guarantee N°5: Get refund if not fully satisfied

At HTG you have fifteen (15) days, from the day you received your package, instead of seven (7) days required by law, to return the parts. Please call us at + 33 3 44 26 58 93 to request the Return Form, which will be sent to you without delay and then ship the parts back to us in the original packaging but in a new carton. Please remember to attach the completed Return Form. Customers are responsible for the return shipping cost unless it is determined that incorrect parts were delivered due to HTG error. If returned articles are incomplete or damaged HTG may refuse to process the refund or apply a reduction of the refund amount. HTG undertakes to process the refund within approximately four days from the receipt of the returned parts and depending upon the method of payment used by the customer.

Guarantee N° 6: Parts you can trust

All parts sold by HTG are covered by the full guarantee of the original manufacturers.

However, the parts guarantee does not apply or applies only partially to damages caused by external factors (such as accidents, lightning, electric current fluctuations) or by customer fault (for example: not complying with the instructions of the machine manufacturer on the use or installation of parts, improper storage and conservation of parts). In such cases HTG will not be held responsible should the manufacturer refuse to honor the guarantee.

Guarantee N°7: Confidentiality

Customer data are kept in the information systems of HTG with the exclusive aim of processing your orders. In keeping with the law on Information Technology and Freedom customers may request access to such information and demand that it be modified.

If you accepted the offer to receive our Newsletter, HTG will be sending you promotional emails proposing new products and services as well as special stock reduction sales. At any time you may request that we stop sending you such electronic communications by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the page of those emails. HTG will never share your data with any third party without your permission.

Available Spare Parts and Consumables:

Electrical components:

Electronic modules
Sensors, Encoders
Heating elements, IR Lamps
Relays, Contactors

High Pressure Air Flow:

Electromagnetic valves
Pressure Reducer kits

Low Pressure Air Flow:

Piston Valve
Stretch Cylinders
Other Valves

Water Flow:

Hoses and Tubes

Mechanical Parts

Screws, bolts, washers
Couplings, assemblers, keys
Elastic joints
Bearings,Rollers and Casings
Springs - Shock absorbers
Belts, chains, tensioners
Pulley - pinion - bevel gearbox
Guiding Rails


Cleaning materials


Preform distribution kits
Joint kits

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