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Corporate Values of HTG

Customer Focus

We listen to our customers and appreciate their needs and requirements. We devote all the time it takes to understand fully the specifics of each of our customer.

Offer Optimal Solutions

We propose solutions that address the needs of our clients. Our customers know that HTG offers solutions that are reliable, cost effective and based on innovative technology that is at the same time appropriate for the needs of our customers.

Build to Last

We build machines to operate reliably over long time. Our engineers spare no effort to ensure that electrical and mechanical components of our machines meet the most demanding requirements.

Deliver on Time

We deliver solutions that totally satisfy our customers on time and within the agreed project budget.

HTG Industry

Headquarters: 42 avenue Foch 60300 Senlis - FRANCE

Telephone: +33 3 44 26 58 93 Fax: +33 3 44 31 35 01 | Email: