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Total Quality Assurance

We at HTG are working hard every day to deliver to our customers an end-to-end Total Quality package:

  1. Delivery of quality products and services to customers is our key objective
  2. HTG machines represent reliable and cost effective solutions
  3. We fully guarantee our technology
  4. We offer very competitive pricing – with no hidden costs
  5. We deliver projects on a very demanding schedules
  6. HTG provides support services for all makes and models of blowing machines
  7. We are always available and offer fast service
  8. HTG offers to its customers personalized advice and services
  9. We guarantee fast and professional service
  10. We care for environment

HTG Industry

Headquarters: 42 avenue Foch 60300 Senlis - FRANCE

Telephone: +33 3 44 26 58 93 Fax: +33 3 44 31 35 01 | Email: